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Welcome the the School District of LaCrosse's FirstClass® web access.
First Class enables you and your learning community to effectively communicate, collaborate, manage information and share knowledge.


FirstClass web interface users click here to login to your FirstClass account. This web version is a limited version of First Class. It is meant only as a short term, internet based access. You will find functionality is different than the client version. The district recommends you download the client version (see below) on your home computer so you may function just as you do at school.

download.pngIf you want the same use of FirstClass at home, click here. Select the client Windows or Macintosh. Then follow the steps provided for Client 9.1 and install on your home computer. After installing, check to be sure the server is listed. Login screen should read Server: If not, click on arrow next to advanced, put your cursor in the white box next to Address and type in and press the tab key. Enter your username and password.

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